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Requirements for a Session

  • You are able to visualize.  You are able to put your logical mind aside to allow information to come through.  The information that comes from withIn you may be unexpected and you are open to it for your ultimate healing.  Nothing will be unveiled that you aren't ready for.

  • You do not have  Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) or schizophrenia.  Inner Aspect Healing isn't able to facilitate these type of healing session.

  • You have a headset with a connected microphone positioned in front of the mouth?  This is crucial to be able to safely communicate with you online.  It also helps tune out any distractions/noises in your space so you can focus on going deep into relaxation.  Sessions won't be facilitated without a headset with mouthpiece.

  • You have a computer/laptop that can and will be plugged into an electrical outlet.

  • You have a computer/laptop that can and will be plugged into an internet router (if you are unable to directly connect to the router, you must be as close as possible to receive stable wifi).

  • You have access to Zoom.

  • You will have all alarms/notices on your phone and computer turned off.

  • You will test all your equipment prior to the session.

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