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Facilitating an Online Session in the Theta Brain Wave State to Assist in YOU Healing YOU


Inner Aspect Healing is just that - going 'withIn' to heal the parts of you that may need healing.  There are many modalities and services to support you, but YOU ultimately heal YOU.  The tools you may use to assist in your healing are just tools.  The people you may go to to assist in your healing are solely facilitators.  There is no 'miracle' modality or service  - the 'miracle' of healing only comes from withIn.  It is brave to want to deeply heal.  I commend you for taking the initiative!


Inner Aspect Healing provides the service of facilitating an online session in the Theta brain wave state to help you heal you.  If you are experiencing any kind of aliment including a physical condition or sickness, or negative thought patterns or emotions, or phobias or addictions, or simply stress - a healing session in a deep relaxed Theta brain wave state may assist in acknowledging and addressing what is ready to heal.  Again, unlike other coaching or guided sessions that tell you what to do to heal, an Inner Aspect Healing session solely facilitates you healing the parts of you that are ready to heal.  The healing comes from withIn YOU.


In each facilitated session, your Inner Self (also known as your Advance Subconscious, Higher Self, or Holy Spirit) is asked to come through to communicate.  Your authentic Inner Self comes from withIN you and not from the external (not from people, or guides, or 'higher' beings, or perceived voices in your head).  There is no greater state than withIN.  The Inner Self is the part of your aspect that is positive, loving, and all knowing.  It is always with you, and can be easily accessed in the Theta brain wave state.  The Inner Self won't let any harm come to you in a session, and will only bring forward what you are ready to hear, experience, and heal. 

At the beginning of a session, in the deep relaxing Theta brain wave state, you will scan your physical and energetic body for any sensations or discomfort, which are emotions and foreign energies that may not be for your greatest good.  Identifying and addressing emotions and energies, often from challenging life experiences, assist in the healing process.  This may shock you but foreign energies also include entities, earthbound spirits, and artificial intelligence that are prevalent in our existence.  Detaching them can assist in healing aliments and conditions.  Trauma isn't what happens to us, it is how our body, mind, and spirit react and hold on to emotions and energies.  Overall healing is facilitated in the session, specifically through your Inner Self.


If there is time in the first session (or most likely in additional sessions) the viewing of events in this life experience or other life experiences can be facilitated for your awareness (sometimes termed 'past life regression').  The information gained during this part of the session may shed light on additional health issues, or why certain people, places and situations are part of your current life.  You viewing and acknowledging different life experiences may also assist you in healing.  At the end of each session, you can ask the Inner Self questions you would like answered.

 Please click on the buttons below to read more about what a session entails, and to view the requirements before scheduling an online session.  


as·​pect ˈa-ˌspekt 

  1. part; feature; phase

  2. nature; quality; character

  3. appearance to the eye or mind

  4. a way in which a thing may be viewed or regarded; interpretation; perception

  5. bearing; direction of the slope of a mountain face, also known as exposure

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